Tangled The Series: Before Ever After

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Remember those Disney movie-based TV shows that came out in the 90’s/00’s? Ariel and Hercules and Aladdin all got one. They were okay but each episode was a stand-alone, there was no overarching story, episodes were really repetitive, the art was sad compared to the original…Tangled the Series is not like any of those shows. This show is better, way better than we deserve.


Tangled the Series takes place after the events of the movie but before “Tangled Ever After” where Rapunzel and Flynn get married. Rapunzel mysteriously regains her magical powers by touching strange rocks, many adventures ensue.

Season 1

Can I watch Tangled the Series with kids?

You can watch this with kids or not, but you should know that it has an overarching story so if your kiddos have a short attention span, this may not be the show for them.  

Things I liked about Tangled the Series Season 1:

  • Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi, the original voice actors of Rapunzel and Flynn Rider reprise their roles as this adorable duo. A few others reprise their roles and I am so happy about this
  • The theme song is beautiful
  • The writers don’t ignore Rapunzel’s past and the traumas that come with it and do a great job of integrating it into the story
  • The writers don’t bring light into Flynn and Pascal’s past too which is really cool to learn more about them
  • So much character growth
  • Rapunzel get pulled in so many directions and I like they show that sometimes you are just doing your best and not everyone will like you nor will you be able to make the best of decisions 100% of the time
  • Cassandra is a great addition to the crew in this universe
  • There’s so much lore to be found in this show and I love the attention to detail.
  • Have I mentioned the soundtrack?? Oh my goodness it’s so good. I can listen to ‘Ready as I’ll Ever Be’ and ‘Set Yourself Free’ on repeat forever.
  • The progression of Varian’s character is awesome. I understand why he does what he does even if I don’t agree with the method and I hope they come back to him. He’s also voiced by one of my favorite Broadway stars, Jeremy Jordan.
  • Each episode is really well written, not all necessarily go to the overarching plot but they all have a message.

Things I disliked:

  • I didn’t find this show sooner
  • I found myself loving the main plot so much that I wished there weren’t so many filler episodes. Yes, they are important but I wished that it was paced a little bit better.  

Final Thoughts on Season 1

Overall, I give this show a 10/10.

Season 2

I watched Tangled the Series: Season 2 and oh my goodness, there’s so much to talk about.

Things I liked about season 2:

  • ‘Waiting in the Wings’ is a song I have on repeat right now. It is one of my favorites right up there with ‘Ready As I’ll Ever Be’. 
  • Eugene starts this season just like he started the first season. I’ve totally been in Rapunzel’s situation before (not marriage) where you are presented with feelings you don’t really know how to deal with and I like that at the end of the episode they both love each other.
  • Eugene and Rap’s relationship. It is very healthy and while they may not agree on everything I love their dynamic.
  • There is so much foreshadowing in this show and I love it. 
  • Each character gets their own development which is fantastic. 
  • They added to Eugene’s character rather nicely. (Same with Cass but too many spoilers for THIS review.)
  • The ambiguity of Cass’ motivations for character progression. 
  • The weird house was a really cool concept and a great place to spend a few episodes
  • The one episode where it points out that most of the time, the right thing is not the easy thing which is a great message 
  • Adira’s intro 
  • Cass and Adira parallels
  • More lore in the world of Tangled which is something every good sequel should do
  • Vigor the Visionary is a cool twist on prophesy type characters.
  • The one beach episode that teaches you happiness comes from yourself, not objects. 
  • Stallion and Rapunzel’s relationship
  • Seems to be an ongoing joke that the caravan gets destroyed 
  • Goodbye Hookfoot? 

Things I disliked:

  • Too long spent on the island
  • Max and Eugene could have picked off all of the villains from the prison boat one by one and freed the captain.
  • Keeper of the Spire – the guide girl is soooo annoying, I wanted to smack her. 
  • Rapunzel continues to have some of the same issues in her character from season 1. Mainly, her unwillingness to listen to other people’s feelings and I noticed in both season 1 and 2 she belittles Pascal in some way or another. Will she keep these flaws? Who knows?
  • Spoilers from the fanbase who get very excited and they show up somewhere and then I watch the season knowing one of the biggest spoilers of the season 🙁  

Final Thoughts on Season 2

Overall, I still give this show a 10/10 just because my enjoyment is so high. I’ll definitely be watching season 3. If you haven’t seen this show yet, why are you reading season 2’s review? You should watch it if it sounds like your jam. Anyway, happy watching!

Season 3

Comments I had while watching Tangled The Series Season 3:


  • Recap of season 2 for Cass’ motivation
  • Crossing the line is so good
  • The castle has a tower so more is this more symbolism?
  • Show calls out Varian’s flawed logic
  • Varian clearly regrets what he did


  • Xavier is awesome
  • Raps what are you doing going alone
  • I’m into essential oils too. They smell really good.
  • Yes Raps mourn your lost friendship

“There’s no way they can give me a second chance.”

“How do you know if you won’t give them a chance?”-Tangled the series: season 3, episode 2

  • I love how even if the king and queen forget everything else, they can’t forget they love each other
  • What caused her to snap out of the incantation? 
  • Varian’s dad is back!!
  • I don’t love raps new dress
  • Stronger than ever has gotta be foreshadowing or irony (it is)
  • Stating when you are ready to talk about something and having the person patiently wait for it? In a kid’s show? Yes please, we showing healthy romantic relationships.


  • Stabbington bros are back
  • Eugene’s dad is back
  • I love Eugene’s dad’s horse (his name is Domino)
  • Horace is not a worse name than Eugene
  • Pocket pudding? That’s a great idea
  • Cass is back!
  • Is the struggle because of her hands?


  • A new curse and conveniently two old characters have come to town
  • Why not lock up the werewolf hunter? She said she was going to kill it, that’s an intention to murder
  • Throwback to the art teacher
  • Catalina and Kiera? Cute names!
  • So glad the hunter fails so we don’t have child murder
  • Cass is in the treehouse paintings
  • Why is Cass so tired when using her power?
  • An episode on anger and the moonstone responds to anger? Raps is gonna struggle if she wields the moonstone.


  • Where are the king and queen?
  • How did he get stuck in a wagon wheel three times
  • Xavier is obviously the sage character 
  • Pete, you didn’t grab high enough to cross the sap pond
  • Is Ruddiger supposed to be a Wiley e coyote reference?
  • Can we please have a collection of the legends? I would listen to them.
  • Put the treasure back
  • How bout next time y’all play football or something 
  • Stories so boring they fall asleep 🤣🤣
  • Amber alert for Crowley


  • Cherry croissants? Yum, I want some.
  • It’s not like Cass died you could have left her stuff. Her room is one of many in the castle.
  • Time to put herself first? New concept
  • Can’t wait for the hourglass to tip over
  • Young Eugene and lance and Max!!
  • Pete with ‘stache and stan with no ‘stache. There’s an irony here.
  • You’re saying everything has been the same for 10 years in security/schedule? No wonder theft seems to be the biggest issue in the kingdom.
  • Stan be murderous over a ‘stache
  • Reverse character development is so well done
  • The smolder is here
  • How does shorty sneak into prison? 
  • Stan and Pete are me “walking is just as exciting”
  • Put friends first


  • Back at the tower and season 1’s finale fight
  • New lady in waiting, Faith.
  • 5 handmaidens????
  • There are seven kingdoms now??
  • Raps channels her inner hitch “So you’re saying there’s a chance”
  • I feel like the names on the trophy were important
  •  Raps is going to start a world war if she insults any of these leaders.
  • More reverse character development
  • First shared laugh
  • No wonder they weren’t doing well at first they have a talent for all the things after their friendship moment 
  • Wow, Cass’s first betrayal. So this isn’t the first time?
  • Iron lion reveal is drawn out a lot


  • Oh hey, the king and queen are back
  • As is the king of hearts
  • Memory loss.. is this foreshadowing (nope) 
  • Why is it only when they lose their memory they act as individuals 
  • The navy seals🤣🤣
  • Rapunzel’s signature is so extra


  • Varian just said a bunch of science buzzwords together
  • Max what the heck are you doing
  • Magic necklace nice
  • Is Dwayne gonna get caught in the shell (nope)
  • Even the show admits Hamuel is useless
  • What happened to the jewels you were returning

“Great leaders need to listen as well as give orders”-Tangled the Series season 3, ep 9


  • So fear and anger got it
  • Speaking of fear.. Varian
  • They just rebuilt the kingdom…
  • Frozen in fear??? Wowwwww 🤣
  • A tally for Varian’s fear 🤣
  • A cards joke in a kids show🤣
  • Lance here with actual proper singing techniques 
  • I’m here for Lance’s fear song
  • Rap’s fear is foreshadowing
  • Ghost lady needs to go away


  • Eugene is a smart man keeping his thoughts to himself 
  • Its an egg Dragon egg
  • Do we really need another animal character 
  • Why not ask the king about it since he’s an egg expert 
  • Tries to go after dragon immediately after being told no
  • These guards aren’t very effective or loyal
  • Nigel can see them but not the other flying dragons?
  • Pretty sure they stole a scene from How to Train Your Dragon
  • A cute mural. Are you going to do one for Cass?


  • Dad remembers 🥺
  • Pompoen
  • Every other pet has a cool name but Cass’s owl’s name is Owl?
  • Cass already hit this island Nm captain is here
  • This is every parent ever with grown children 
  • Capn loved Cass with all his heart you can tell 
  • Cass vs cap’n is something I can see us coming back to (nope)
  • Ohh boy it’s the Look What You Made Me Do of Cass
  • Foreshadowing 
  • Yes now maybe we can have a competent guards team


  • A gratitude song that also summarizes all that has happened? Yes, please
  • Something bad is coming though.
  • Another Eugene proposal 
  • Eugene’s dad🤦‍♀️
  • Raps proposing to Eugene?? Yesssss (nope)
  • Third times the charm
  • Did Cass have to ruin Rap’s proposal
  • I’m like Lance in the background with the popcorn
  • 5 weeks of solitude when you were in other recent episodes??
  • Sure save Varian, not your boyfriend or any of your other friends.
  • Varian is a prisoner again
  • Bringing it back to the tower, are we?
  • Poor Varian


  • So is Raps going to face her alone?
  • Season 1 vs season 3 villain song? Yesss, so far the best one of the season
  • Emperor’s new groove ref
  • Cass watching them try to enter 🤣🤣
  • It’s a crack for a door = symbolism?
  • Ghostie is creepy
  • The separation is causing a serious imbalance. 
  • So if Cass is beaten does that mean ghostie is the real villain (yes kinda)


  • It’s someone else in the cloak 
  • Which means Eugene?
  •  Addams ref
  • Aladdin ref
  • Zhan tiri… hmmm
  • Thanks for the flash to show who we’re going to be fighting. Basically all of the cool, capable fighters.


  • Is this Cass’ old house?
  • Cass is literally making everything worse because of her impatience 
  • Cass, wouldn’t you know from your history with Raps she doesn’t break promises?
  • Of course, that’s not the full mirror


  • Parallels between Flynn and Flynn and is a great way to further develop Eugene’s character.
  • Baron looks like Hulk Hogan
  • Brock Thunderstrike is an awesome name
  • Is lance going to stay deaf (no)


  • The final glass shard!!!
  • Cass learns the truth!! She reminds me of Elsa a bit.
  • Faith is really Cass. You can tell by the body language
  • Cass as Faith playing raps in a play where she beats herself 🤣
  • Eugene’s dad has a point
  • We were so close to reconciliation 
  • Good thing it’s a small kingdom so we can shove everyone into the Snuggly Duckling


  • Eugene voice-over man a callback
  • Thanks, mom for the pep talk
  • Through It All is good, not the best though of the season
  • Listen to Eugene, Varian
  • Gee bug is an awful nickname
  • Monkey switch was dumb and not needed
  • Varian is gonna have to fight his dad 
  • Hamuel is the worst


  • Least fav ep so far. It was dumb. The trippy part feels like it was taken from Phineas and Ferb and the dad spell part has 0 tension. 


  • Fitting the last incantation is the first that was known. Flower, gleam n glow…
  •  Parallel to the movie with the group hug
  • Eugitiles?? Ewwww, that’s worse than Gee bug.
  • Brown to blue to green now for Cass. Do we have color symbolism?
  • Cass and Raps 😭
  • Aww cap’n and Cass are going together? (No)
  • Eugene narration that mirrors the movie
  • The girls were adopted and i love it
  • Raps n eugene’s engagement is everything i wanted 🥺🥺🥺
  • The last song was weak, sorry

Tangled the Series as a whole

What Tangled the Series does well:

Father figures.

The captain is a great adoptive father to Cass even if she doesn’t always recognize it. He loves and cares for her a lot. He’s not her mom though. The king is a good dad to Rapunzel, giving her opportunities to be a leader and learn how to become a good queen. Quirin may not be the most vocal in his appreciation for his son but he clearly loves his son and Varian clearly admires him. Edmund is awkward at first, but once he and Eugene bond, it’s a permanent one. Episode 20, as much as I don’t like it, was good at portraying this.

Redeemed villains

Varian is season 1’s villain and reforms. Rapunzel–and by extension the show–take everyone as they are. She doesn’t pretend Varian wasn’t once a villain. She loves him in spite of what happened. In several episodes of season 3, Varian struggles with regrets about what he did and how to rectify it. It is Varian who holds his past sins over his own head more than anyone else. And isn’t that true to life? Varian becomes the queen’s most trusted engineer and he grows to accept the trust entrusted to him.

Cass is season 3’s villain. Rapunzel doesn’t once hate her. She feels betrayed Cass would betray her but Rapunzel always holds onto the hope to bring her back home as a friend. Cass may feel like Rapunzel has stolen everything from her, but Rapunzel never saw Cass as anything but her friend. Rapunzel is right that the things that drove them apart should have brought them together. Mother Gothel was emotionally abusive and negligent to both of them. She didn’t love either of them. The only reason why she “chose” Raps is so she could use her. The nice thing about the ending is Cass can pursue her own destiny. Even then, Rapunzel wishes her a good-hearted farewell. I think this is what makes “Nothing Left to Lose” so compelling. You have a reformed villain telling the current villain that they won’t get what they want out of the path they are taking. I wish more shows had well-done reformed villains. (Bonus points if they confront the current villain).


Eugene and Rapunzel’s relationship is one of the healthiest relationships I have ever seen depicted in media. Seriously.

Top songs by season for Tangled the Series:

Season 1 Top Songs:

Ready As I’ll Ever Be
Set yourself free

2nd Season Top Songs:

Waiting in the Wings

I really don’t have a second favorite worth mentioning. The songs for this season are the weakest of the bunch (in my opinion).

Season 3 Top Songs:

Nothing Left To Lose
Crossing the Line

The Girl Who Has Everything and Bigger Than That are tied for me.

Maybe I just really love Eden Espinosa and Jeremy Jordan’s voices, perhaps the villain songs are just better, and maybe it’s Maybelline (not sponsored).

Final Thoughts:

Thank you for reading Tangled The Series: The Last of It. Comment below if you like this show and if you think my song ranking is good or not. If you like the content I make, consider subscribing to my mailing list, and if you like this check out something similar here. See you in the next post!

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