The Umbrella Academy: One Super Family

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Hello, people who may or may not like shows that leave you with more questions than answers, this review is for you. Check out my take on the Umbrella Academy.

How did I start the Umbrella Academy?

Netflix, you’ve done it again. You are great at creating shows that leave you hungry for more and want to consume as quickly as possible. I was on vacation in Canada (maybe I’ll do my own travel interview, maybe not), I wasn’t tired so I started the first episode. Big mistake. Umbrella Academy captured my attention and I had a hard time getting myself to stop. This show is what I wish the X-men movies were like. (Not hating on those movies, I have plenty to love about them but this show is much more coherent, I can connect with the show better.) 

Umbrella Academy has so many components that I absolutely love. It has superheroes, kids dealing with a dad who wasn’t perfect, secrets, and real feelings and trials that are completely relatable. It has all these kids feeling neglected.

 The music of the show does an excellent job of complementing what is going on by either doing so ironically or realistically. It had me rooting for some characters in one moment and hating them in the next (I’m looking at you, Luther). All of the siblings have many parallels with each other like Five and Klaus or Allison and Vanya where they have gone through similar life things outside of the home they shared growing up. 

Season 1


After the death of their adoptive father, five of seven siblings reunite for the funeral. All of the siblings have superpowers like strength, time travel, and seeing the dead except one, Vanya. One sibling is dead and acts as a companion for the one who can see the dead. The last sibling used his time travel powers and disappeared several years ago…until today. He bears a message saying the world is going to end unless they put a stop to it.

Things/characters I liked:

  • Five is an interesting character.
  • The mystery behind Ben’s death 
  • Klaus’ progression throughout the series. 
  • Vanya’s struggles are very relatable
  • The twist of villainy, you think it’s going to be these people then it changes 
  • Hazel 
  • Allison is a great character overall, I don’t have a child and I can’t imagine how hard it would be but I imagine her story contains a lot of emotion for those with kids. 
  • The secrets that were exposed (in no way do I think that the secrets are over).
  • My favorite superpower is Klaus’ or Five’s. 
  • The music in general
  • The parallels between the siblings
  • The ending had me screaming about where they left it. It gives you just enough information but leaving it completely open to see where it will go in season 2. 
  • The time-traveling aspects were amazing. I loved how it impacted how those who go through it think about time, life, and death. 
  • Torturing characters but subverting tropes. 
  • The flashbacks were nicely done, I didn’t think they were being shoved down my throat
  • Luther and Diego’s debate on Mom was cool.
  • Luther as a responsible, older sibling is very relatable to me. 

Things I disliked:

  • Klaus needs to listen to Ben more.
  • Klaus needed to see his potential sooner because the final boss battle made me feel like he was just a deus ex machina and I don’t like that. 
  • Luther’s blindness to his dad
  • Luther’s bad decisions in the last couple of episodes. Had he not done one thing, they could have avoided ********************************. Then again, I understand why he did it and I probably would have done something similar in his position. 
  • After dear old dad died, Pogo and Mom had no reason to continue keeping secrets from the kiddos. 
  • Cha-cha is so mean to Hazel but I suspect had feelings for him.
  • People should listen to Allison more often.

Final thoughts on Season 1

Overall, I still give this show a 10/10.

Season 2


Somehow, the siblings have found themselves scattered, transported to the 1960’s unable to return home until they deal with the threat that will destroy the world in 3 days. Will they be able to find each other and get past their differences to save the world?

Comments by episode while watching Umbrella Academy

First Episode

  • Did the meteor really have to happen on April fool’s 
  • Why was ben allowed to come along this time when Klaus was alone when he experienced Vietnam and Dave
  • 1960-1963?
  • Is this really going to be about the person who took pics of them (no)
  • How is Hazel alive. Also thanks for bringing him back
  • Aw, poor Hazel. Agnes was great. 
    • Noooooooo
  • Why would you leave the last thing Hazel gives you
  • Poor Elliot because of Umbrella Academy his life destroyed
  • Diego is getting therapy
  • “I’m a lone wolf I don’t run with a pack.” Yet you were part of a 7 sibling superhero team
  • You run her over and now she’s your live-in nanny
  • Carl is not a good dude who is probably cheating on his wife (no)
  • Ben is Klaus’ ghost b!tch🤣🤣
  • Did Ben fall in love
  • Maybe if you weren’t flailing on the ground you could have gotten a ride to Dallas, Klaus 
  • “If you keep undressing me with your eyes I’m going to catch cold”🤣🤣
  • Yes ben please don’t put up with Klaus’ stuff
  • She’s staring at the moon every night? Hmm I WONDER  who she’s thinking of 
  • Luther as a boxer is interesting. 
  • Owwww why would you break the guy’s arm???
  • You know… Allison could have used her powers right there to casually tell him to mind his business 
  • Why would you marry the person when your whole relationship is based on a lie
  • Sissy’s dream of being an elegant lady 😍
  • Did Diego dislocate his shoulder to get outta the straight jacket 
  • Milk man made you a dead man
  • Where the heck is Five?
  • Wow, the other siblings gain empathy for Five?? Nahhhh

Second Episode

  • Why couldn’t she just stay dead?
  • Why do we have a fish-man?
  • Fives nameplate 🤣
  • Diego’s girlfriend is crazy can’t wait for her to probably die so Diego can have character development 
  • I thought Five would find Vanya but nope, it’s Luther 
  • “Imagine batman then aim lower.” Classic sibling love
  • So Klaus became a prophet 
  • Oh is dear old dad the villain this time 
  • Are you really going to try n shoot your sis?
  • You let her down? Buddy, you did more than that. 
  • Do these guys not feel pain? 
  • Diego jumping to conclusions 
  • Why would you watch the movie with people who are from the past
  • Why would you leave the door open for a house you broke into
  • Each sibling gets half the story so they’ll figure it out together. But of course, they won’t have the full story 
  • Pogo!!
  • Told you so but in the form of “amateur”

Third Episode

  • Prophet backstory
  • Poor ben 
  • Cool how birds form an umbrella 
  • Don’t stop for the milkmen
  • Time to LEAVE
  • Vanya’s powers seem to be very defensive 
  • The Handler looks almost cartoonish with those pearls
  • Is she going to tell the kid to kill her fish boss or will she do it herself? 
  • I love how Klaus and Allison met and it’s the first positive sibling reunion 
  • Thanks, Klaus for your help 
  • Allison has got some explaining to do
  • Thanks 5 for explaining season 1
  • 5 you’re not doing favors by not telling Vanya her part in the apocalypse
  • 5, apathy isn’t going to get you anywhere 
  • Don’t get attached, Lila. They’re from the future 
  • Don’t kiss her she’s going to end up being your grandmother or something 
  • I love how Elliott is chilling in the background 
  • Luther’s going to be mad when he finds out Allison is married 
  • This is so awkward 🤦‍♀️🤦‍♀️
  • Luther is such a child
  • Ray is gonna die 
  • It’s Klaus, what do you expect, Ben?
  • Dave from the first season of Umbrella Academy? 
  • Ptsd from ‘nam 
  • How did Klaus know where Dave worked 
  • Does Klaus cause doomsday by changing time
  • Ray’s mad
  • Luther gets your head in the game. Getcha head in da game
  • Allison is going to be forced to use her power
  • Now ray is going to question their relationship and she’ll be driven to be with her family 
  • I wonder if Luther wishes he stayed on the moon
  • Lila is a double agent? Wow

Fourth Episode

  • The handler as a mom is not something I was prepared for 
  • Hey mom I did the dirty with the person you suggested I kill
  • Lila is going to die
    • Probably saving Diego
  • Aw 1 & 9 bonding over 5 being a mean person
  • Thank you Luther being honest with her about what caused the apocalypse 
  • Yay no more Jack means you can join the family
  • This isn’t the story of the scorpion and the frog. 
  • Who’s the 12? Your dad obviously 
  • Poor Klaus
  • Poor Allison 
  • Klaus please no
  • Thank you for saving Klaus’ sobriety streak (just kidding)
  • Clearly, Allison is going to bring them all together coz 5 sucks at it
  • Lila totally dragged him so he wouldn’t see either Sweds or her mom
  • Hi, Grace.
  • Thanks show for bringing back all of Umbrella Academy season 1’s dead characters 
  • And there are the swedes
  • Vanya gaining better control of her powers is amazing to see
  • How would she know how to do CPR?
  • Thank you for not having child murder
  • Elliott is the grace of the season 
  • Wow that’s progressive for the ’60s 
  • Elliott and Luther bonding over their pasts
  • Diego what happened to your aim
  • I knew Lila would have to choose 
  • You are really going to leave Diego to fend for himself? Some lover you are
  • I want to know what 5 said but I’m sure it’ll be revealed in some cinematic moment

Fifth Episode

  • Pogo? Pogo.
  • Do you send all of your favorite children to space?
  • Yea the Hargreaves love liars
  • Why not be honest and say it’s Ben
  • Thank you Allison for asking Klaus what’s wrong instead of immediately going to drinks
  • Carl’s back to ruin the LGBT 
  • Quantum physics lesson
  • Grace is the reason behind umbrella academy 
  • Vanya get a grip on your emotions, you’re going to destroy the house 
  • Klaus saying le petite mort and Allison said he doesn’t speak French clearly not knowing what it means🤣
  • Matching shoes…time to murder the Swedes
  • You’d think the commission would use something more discreet to send messages 
  • I want tacos too. Sounds delicious 
  • Oh, dad is going to meet his kids. Can’t wait for the Umbrella Academy reunion.
  • Technically if you have to use the word technically you’re already in trouble 
  • 6 days? How about you learn to healthily deal with your crap and get a handle on your powers
  • Dance break 🎶 call back to season 1
  • It’s a diversion…time for them to die
  • 5 is on a goose chase to learn who Lila is working for 
  • Vanya, you knew she was married and isn’t really emotionally/financially free to do as she wants, what did you expect?
  • Vikings funeral
  • Is this hello from the other side in Swedish? 🤣🤣 it isssss

Sixth Episode

  • Ooo Allison’s story
  • Please don’t hurt her
  • Salon ladies stepped UP
  • You speak 7 languages and one of them isn’t ASL?
  • Too good to be true 5, don’t listen to her
  • Team 0 because we still need a number motif
  • He still wears his dog tags🥺
  • Ray, you’ve already seen it
  • Is he going to get her to use her powers for the civil rights movement? 
  • Like she said her power has a cost
  • Poor Klaus
  • This dinner is a setup by the handler
  • Well they say you should grab life by the balls by I didn’t think this would happen 
  • Time to meet dad and fight the swedes
  • Aww they’re all there
  • I love how Luther drags Klaus by the leg
  • This is why 5 was the favorite 
  • Elliott is going to die
  • Swedes are ultimate cat ladies
  • Everyone’s worst dentist nightmare 
  • Gotta break the hearts of all the sissy x Vanya shippers
  • I mean I guess she’s not dead yet so that’s an improvement on the trope
  • “Don’t let carl catch a scent” as he watches from afar
  • Poor Elliott

Seventh Episode

  • Midwest front desk 🤣🤣
  • Might want to check your rage there
  • Time to fry a fish
  • Yes ladies, stay out of the murder room
  • Yes ben please talk sense into your brother 
  • You want to possess your brother so you can talk to a girl. Really??
  • Good thing 2 of your siblings are together 
  • Yes Diego is cray
  • Poor Olga
  • Any questions? Yes? Too bad.

Umbrella Academy’s biggest obstacle: time management

  • You had time to change but we’re in a rush to leave? 5 what are you doing??
  • Aww, ben has a body for the first time in forever. He gets to taste and touch again. 
  • Ben, you’re supposed to do your romance plot
  • You really going to compare sexuality to a disease.
  • The show’s unpopular opinions fit the era so well
  • Harlan probably should get special care, just saying. Just not in the ’60s since that’s the equivalent of saying a lobotomy 
  • Vanya, you are from the future, you know you’ll have to leave them eventually 
  • Luther, I appreciate you trying to be honest and a better person but we gotta get to the A-plot now which is getting home
  • Luther vs Ray in 3 2 1…
  • Ben IS dorkier 🤣🤣 
  • Jill isn’t who you thought she was now is she 🤣🤣
  • Lila’s not sure what she wants anymore, huh
  • Ben should possess Klaus more often
  • Can y’all chill
  • Vanya isn’t coming
  • Work from home plays in the background 
  • Lila how about you help dig instead of standing there
  • Of course, it was drugged
  • This isn’t a train with room for extra passengers people
  • Wow Ray is a QUALITY man
  • Unnus annus unnus annus 
  • Backstreet boys 🤣🤣
  • How do the Swedes know Allison and Diego are related? 
  • An eye for an eye…literally 
  • No, we need a responsible individual in charge
  • Ewwwwww
  • Your husband is going to jail now 😭
  • You just had to leave a note sissy?
  • I’m with 5 but good thing we have 2 episodes left 
  • You didn’t sign up for a magical girlfriend, did you?

Eighth Episode

  • Ooo FBI
  • Wrong answer buckaroo
  • Good thing we have a nurse to drug you
  • If you really meant that 5, you would have left with the 3 who did show up
  • And then there was one. 
  • Yep, you were set up. How do you feel about them apples?
  • Hi mom meet my bf who I drugged and dragged here against his will
  • Diego the term on a leash comes to mind. Just saying. 
  • Hi grace
  • Reggie is a dastardly man, why would you put up with him 
  • Bye grace.  Thanks, Diego for screwing up the future of their relationship 
  • What would a copper know about FBI affairs? 
  • Joyyyyy she’s in a chair
  • Yayyy we are doing LSD now
  • All eyes on her
  • Oooo older 5
  • Is this 5’s voice? 🤣🤣
  • How could the infinite switchboard room be empty?
  • Why are we using such dated technology to operate time?
  • It’s Vanya’s fault again?? Poor baby😭
  • Luther is the wrong man for this job
  • Mom’s broken😭
  • I want to know what the brains are actually made of 
  • Could dad made her not forget because her powers were more than she could handle 
  • I forgot Ray and Diego never met
  • Ray deserves better
  • You’re just going to leave ray with a body
  • “Loyalty isn’t a choice it’s a lifestyle.” That sounds like doublespeak 
  • Thanks, Reggie for calling Vanya out. She needs this character development, otherwise, she would be a hypocrite, telling Sissy to be her true self. 
  • So is next season going to be against the commission or Vanya or their issues?
  • They may have to kill Vanya
  • Also, HOW did she possess(?) Sissy’s kid

Ninth Episode

  • Klaus why
  • Klaus you could send dead people to try to communicate with Vanya
  • Do powers mean super endurance? 
  • Really Klaus those are your biggest accomplishments 
  • Where’s ben?
  • There’s my boy! Ben is the best boy, sorry not sorry 
  • Luther is the worst secret keeper 
  • And there’s the murderous intent
  • Why didn’t you kill the goldfish, it’ll be your downfall 
  • Diego is a scapegoat 
  • She’s your daughter, ofc you can trust, just don’t ask to off her bf
  • Wait did Harlan express Vanya’s emotions the entire time 
  • Bye Carl 
  • Herb has to be such a good secret keeper 
  • Why would you show her the thing you found
  • We are past reason, Luther
  • Dancing with myself is the PERFECT song for this part
  • Sorry Ben it’s violin time
  • Trippy but cool
  • Ben is the perfect person to talk to her since he was killed for being a monster and had a great power 
  • Please no don’t kill off the best character in the show 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
  • Did Vanya cause Harlan to stop being able to speak
  • Yikes…bye carl
  • Goodbye, mother-daughter relationship. Nm
  • I imagine handler boasting to aj later
  • Nm it happened onscreen and it was gross
  • Allison, please hear a rumor
  • Season 1 throwback 
  • “Dad would always find a way to say I told you so”
  • So it’s Kennedy’s assassination that pushes reg to find the umbrella academy?
  • Wait so reg isn’t human? Hmmm
  • So we have superheroes and aliens now? Yayy

Tenth Episode

  • Awww Ben 
  • Reg this is the worst eulogy I’ve ever heard and this isn’t my first funeral
  • You are really going to blame your kids for the death of their brother and give them 1 day to process their grief? No wonder they are messed up
  • They are all wanted 🤣🤣
  • Now we gotta save Harlan and Sissy
  • Vanya are you going to tell Klaus what Ben asked you to tell him as his last wish
  • Ben said she wouldn’t have to be alone anymore and now she’s basically alone
    • Aw nm
  • 5 should be in the back since he’s smaller. Thems the rules, sorry.
  • Luther, you aren’t fat you have so much muscle mass, you are basically a giant muscle

Death of the timelords and Umbrella Academy tying up loose ends

  • Wow that’s a lot of time agents
  • Harlan got a bit of Vanya’s power and can’t handle it. How does Vanya handle being Vanya
  • Diego can stop bullets? Since when?
  • The death of many time lords. Wait, wrong show
  • How does Lila have powers
  • Y e e t 
  • It is so nice to meet you *punch*
  • Did she take all of their powers? Where is this bs loophole coming from
  • Allison is the wrong person to call Diego
  • Ok Annie get your gun
  • Throat step from an earlier episode
  • Lila welcome to the family
  • Is next season going to be finding EVERYONE with the same birthdate?
  • Bluebeard’s castle. You had to say anything but the truth to survive and you failed
  • Swede to save the day
  • Good thing he kept his arm
  • 5 is going to try character development and expand his abilities? Crazy talk. Maybe that’s why he’s a kid. Mentally he may be an adult but maturity-wise not so much
  • He got his eye for an eye
  • Now we have two siblings in love with two other siblings
  • If you take it away, won’t he die?
    • But that’s how you saved his life! 🤦‍♀️
  • Take your pick of a briefcase
  • Sissy doesn’t want to leave. She didn’t sign up for superhero girlfriend or time travel
  • Good thing we have a dead body squad 
  • In the past, she had the best husband and in the future, she had the best daughter. Allison really can’t win
  • Fashion first Klaus
  • Yay Ben is alive but he’s not a nice guy anymore

Final Thoughts on Umbrella Academy season 2

While watching the show I noticed I didn’t enjoy it as much as season 1. I couldn’t tell you why. This season was able to bring to light a few important topics and show how far we’ve come from the ”60s. At least, that’s how I saw it and I liked it. I liked Ben’s backstory on how he and Klaus became inseparable and showing Reggie as perhaps an even worse character and deducing that it’s Grace who ultimately impacts him for the–slightly–better. However, this will probably be the last time I talk about Umbrella Academy on ChickenStarRocket.

Final Thoughts

Thank you for reading my take on “The Umbrella Academy”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite superpower. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here 

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