ChickenStarRocket’s 2020 Halloween Costumes Meet Photoshop

Hey guys, last year I dressed in costumes up and shared it with you? We are continuing the tradition this year😊 so check it out here!

Since I was a little kid, I love dressing up. I was a theater kid and the one who went all out for spirit week. I got into cosplay. When I got into college, they don’t really have spirit week or dances so I decided that for the week of Halloween I would try dressing up. Last year’s costumes can be found here.

2020 Difference in Costumes

This year, I wanted to be different things than last year. I took these in July which is a terrible idea because I live in Arizona and it is 110 degrees outside. True dedication. Just like last year, I enlisted the help of my family to help take photos, hair, and makeup. Thank you, mom! (Trust me it’s better this way).

Since 2020 has been an…interesting year and there’s no way I’m going outside in 110 degrees and I just learned Photoshop, I put all the following in photoshop and basically photoshopped myself into the backgrounds of these characters!

Castiel from Season 4 of Supernatural

Castiel, who gripped you tight and raised you from perdition.

I added a night sky and a grassy field of flowers. When I tried tracing *his* wings, they turned out really bad so I didn’t go with those. I did edit my eyes to give the idea of “angel mode” like in the show. I haven’t seen this show in a while and I don’t know if I’ll go back and re-watch it but I do remember Cas being my favorite character.

What I’m wearing:

  • a white dress shirt that used to be my dad’s
  • a black suit that’s supposed to be for job interviews/work
  • black flats
  • a Ravenclaw tie because that’s the only tie I own

Wednesday Adams

Wednesday Adams, resting in piece

This is probably my favorite of the bunch and my favorite picture of myself if I’m being honest. I traced pictures of Dahlia flowers, Venus flytraps, leaves (the names escape me comment below if you know), and snapdragon pods after popping out their seeds. I thought it was very befitting and I can picture Morticia Adams making a homebrew plant like this considering they have vines that act as a security system.

What I’m wearing

  • a white dress shirt that has Lil birds on them
  • a black t-shirt dress
  • tights
  • black heels for those special occasions that got canceled this year
  • my best Wednesday glare

Phantom of the Opera

Phantom of the Opera at the end of Act 1

Chandeliers aren’t my forte, I’m sorry. I did my best to capture the moment of “Behold! Her singing will bring down the chandelier.” at the end of act 1. The funny story is my mask broke one morning because I banged into the bathroom wall and it fell off my shadow box of musical theater memos.

My mask falling….

What I’m wearing

  • white dress shirt
  • a black suit that’s supposed to be for job interviews/work
  • black heels for those special occasions that got canceled this year
  • a phantom of the opera mask I got from hobby lobby

David Tennant’s Doctor

10th Doctor

This one is probably my second favorite, I’m particularly happy with the astronaut from the library episode. It’s been a minute since I’ve watched this show and I had to do some research on 10th doctor moments. These characters are all from episodes I distinctly remember from 10’s run and some of their quotes. It’s odd coming back to a show I used to watch seriously and having vague memories of something happening but not remembering when. I miss the days the Doctor Who was on Netflix.

What I’m wearing

  • white dress shirt
  • blue suit that’s supposed to be for job interviews/work
  • red converse that I got when I watched this show
  • beige overcoat

Mrs. Incredible

Mrs. Incredible, coming to save you

The Incredibles 2 movie was great and I didn’t mind waiting 10 years for it. While my version of the Incredibles isn’t from the second movie per se, I do love the universe of the Incredibles. I promise I didn’t edit any of my body, I just added a mask and added the background. For this costume, I’m wearing ~7 layers. I don’t own a spandex Incredibles costume, just an Incredibles t-shirt.

Here’s what I’m wearing:

  • long-sleeved/dress thing that has body forming sleeves
  • black gloves
  • Incredibles t-shirt
  • black leggings
  • red cotton shorts that I normally wear under dresses
  • black cotton shorts rolled up that I normally wear under dresses
  • black boots that I have used for cosplay for years

Final thoughts:

I hope these costumes inspire you that you don’t need to necessarily buy costumes to dress up for Halloween. All of these costume pieces were things I already own and in my closet.

Thank you so much for viewing my post on my Halloween costumes, I appreciate it. Shout out to my mom who graciously did my hair and makeup and took my photos, you can find her here! Comment below what you were for Halloween this year. If you like this kind of content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if want something similar, check this out!

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