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In June, my friend Eggna went to Italy. I asked her to do a travel interview and she said yes. We went on a road trip together and I met Eggavier who also went to Italy with her. I was lucky to hear about both of their egg-periences!

How long were you in Italy?

1 month

What area did you visit/ which one was your favorite? 

Eggna: Sicily, the surrounding regions, and the aeolian islands. The Aeolian islands were my fav.
Eggavier: I went to Malta on top of these and Malta was my fav.

What was your first impression walking out of the airport? 

Eggna: I felt like everyone was judging. Everyone is really dressy even at the airport and I was wearing hiking boots and leggings and we were rushing to get on the bus. 
Eggavier: Agreed, this was after rushing to get on the plane. I was carrying a barf bag about ready to barf. 

What did you do in Italy? 

Eggna: We took two classes one about Italian food and culture and another one about Maine hazards including volcanoes and earthquakes.  
Eggavier: We went to school it was a study abroad. 

Where did you stay?

Eggna: Sicily in Syracuse. 
Eggavier: It’s considered one of the original Greek city-states so it’s arguably the most important. 

Why did you go?

Eggavier: I went for three reasons. One, it’s the only geology study abroad. Second, on my first study abroad in Antarctica, the boat crashed. I like to refer to it as the titanic 2. Lastly, there were great profs for a decent price in a great location. 
Eggna: It was the only geology study abroad, decently priced, I’ve always wanted to go to Italy, great profs, and lots of time to ourselves. 

Whats food like in Italy?

Eggna: Amazing, we stopped at this once pizza place before a hike and it was the best pizza ever. I almost cried. We also visited a pistachio farm where they made homemade pistachio-based pasta and pastries. The wine is cheap and good and we learned that wine tasting is weird.  
Eggavier: I would describe whine tasting as frou-frou. 

Did you notice any culture shocks while on your trip?

Eggavier: There’s so much smoking yet they have a higher life expectancy than the US. Air conditioning is optional. No dryers. They use lots of plastic, as in more than necessary. 

Eggna: Everyone dresses nice there all the time. Air conditioning is not a guaranteed thing. There are only gas stoves, no electric stoves. There’s only bottled water that you have to pay for at restaurants. They have 5 different trash cans you take out only at certain times of the day. You get fined if you don’t take it out at a specific time. 

What was the best meal you had?

Eggavier: For the last project for food class we were divided up into groups of 3. We had to research traditional recipes and make them.  I made Pane Cunzato which is bread with pesto mozzarella tomato and local herbs. Eggna made Pasta a la Norma which is spaghetti with tomato sauce and eggplant.  

Eggna: I had two other group dinners I really enjoyed sitting down, having a drink, and having everyone together.  It was really low stress and nice. We had to get all the ingredients from the farmers’ markets which are amazing.  

Did you have any preconceived expectations for the trip? Were they met? 

Eggavier: I expected cool geology and to eat more healthy than here in America. We saw and did those things. 
Eggna: I expected to hike volcanoes and have good coffee and we did. Although, I admit I didn’t come on this trip with a whole lot of expectations.

Advice for those who want to go to Italy:

• Pack for all seasons.  Colder than you think and Warmer than you think.  Better to overpack than under pack
• Bring back lemons.
Remember, Italy uses different outlets. Get the universal plug or look up where you are going and what plugs they use.
• Get money before you leave so when you get to the airport it’s not the first thing you have to do. Also, check if your banking has international fees.
• Prioritize liquids. Some things like contact solutions are really expensive but shampoo and conditioner are easy to find.
• Customs are different in every country so check in advance if you have a layover.  
• Don’t drink tap water. It has the consistency of milk.  
• Nothing can go wrong if you have a positive attitude. 
• There’s so much to do in each region of Italy so only plan for one region of Italy and you’ll be busy for however long you’re s staying and you’ll get your money’s worth. 

Final thoughts?

“Absolutely go to Italy you’ll have a great time. It’s beautiful and the people are nice. Stop asking questions and go already you only live once.” Thank you for reading through my Italy Travel Interview. Check out my Japan, South Korea, and Alaska Cruise travel interviews if you like reading these!

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