Chaos On Deponia: Could Be Better

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Hello people, who may or may not enjoy comedy/point n click games, this is for you. Check out my take on Chaos on Deponia!

How did you find this game?

Chaos on Deponia is part of a series of games called Deponia. This is the 2nd game of the series. I own and have played the first one and the only things I remember about it was the soundtrack is great, the character is immature and full of himself, and the women in the game are awful. So when it came up on Steam Summer Sale? I was ready.

Who made this game?

Daedalic Entertainment. You can find them here. I know them for games like the Deponia series, AER Memories of Old, and Ken Follett’s The Pillars of the Earth.

What is Chaos on Deponia about?

Chaos on Deponia starts off almost immediately where the first one left off and if you don’t remember, that’s ok, there’s a cutscene all about it. There are many recurring characters in this game: Rufus, the main character, Goal his girlfriend, Doc, Bozo, Cletus, Argus, and Toni. In terms of gameplay, it’s your classic point n click where you go around, pick up items, and solve main problems through solving small problems. I don’t know if I’m bad at point n click or if the puzzles in this game are really bad as I looked up tutorials/walkthroughs for a lot of it. In terms of the plot, one of the major plot points of this game is Goal, going through surgery and as a result being split into three different personalities; Lady Goal, Spunky Goal, and Baby Goal.

Short story: I hate this part.

Longer story: I think it is incredibly degrading to women as a whole to have one of your main female characters go through something like this. Also, there’s this part where you have to fight Spunky Goal in platypus costumes. Guess which one isn’t fully clothed? If you thought it’d be Rufus, you’d be wrong. Goal looks like a platypus bikini model and Rufus looks like a platypus mascot for a sports team. I get that he’s your classic idiot character but still. Another portion of the game depicts Bozo talking to his weapon shop’s running lover. She is straight-up crazy, firing weapons at him, and then she either kicks him out or he says these magic words which soothe her and make her melt in his arms. That part was a little weird. The game-play kinda got in the way of the actual plot for a second and it was distracting as a player. My favorite part of the game-play was getting all the platypus guardians, I think that was really well set up. 

What Chaos on Deponia does well:

  • Hidden puzzle pieces all over the game which are cool
  • No loading screens in between “rooms” so that immersion doesn’t feel interrupted
  • Humor
  • Voice acting for all lines which I would imagine is very difficult to code in
  • One puzzle requires you to actually turn down the volume of the music of the game which I think is very clever and then tells you when you can turn it back on again
  • The huzzah… songs are kind of like intermissions to go to the next chapter of the story and I love those songs
  • The platypus guardian section was great

What Chaos on Deponia could have done better (minor spoilers): 

  • Female characters in general
  • The ending sequence where they are all slapping the crap out of each other is something I didn’t care for
  • Lady Goal seems to switch sides last minute
  • Rufus should’ve picked a side. Just pick a side and stick with it. 

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I probably rank this game a 6/10. Thank you for reading my take on “Chaos on Deponia”, I appreciate it. Comment below your favorite Daedalic Entertainment game. If you like my content, consider subscribing to my mailing list and if you want a review on something similar, click here 

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