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I took an art class for my specialization in game development and I wanted to share some of the things I drew using tools like Photoshop, illustrator, and more.

Second Art Assignment

I can’t show my first as it contains the copyrighted material of my school’s mascot. This one was learning to draw people. So bones, clothes, details, and more details. I made mine kinda look like Wreck-it Ralph. (Check out my review of the second movie here).

Fur Art Assignment

This is for an assignment where I had to draw and color an animal. I chose this cute dog from Pinterest. (If it’s your dog, email me and I’ll give you credit for the picture). Not super great but honestly, I love this one.

Pupper art

Blending Art Piece

This was the same assignment as the puppy. I liked the cloud but it wasn’t super true to the original reference picture (top left). Either way, it was fun. Again if it’s your original picture, I’d love to give you credit, just email me.

Cloud art

Self Portrait Art Assignment

So this was a separate assignment. I don’t think I did the original justice. It’s kind of jarring but it’s supposed to be me. I remember the progression of this one going from terrifying to slightly less terrifying. The hardest part was the mascara. That and finding my skin tone because the color picker thought I was darker and I disagreed.

art of me

Some of my assignments I can’t show as they contain textbook material. From here we switched to other platforms that weren’t photoshop and I don’t think I’m allowed to show the work I did. That being said, I do have a final project I had to make.

Final Project:

An explanation…

First an explanation of sorts. Since this was an art class specifically for game development, I had to make art as if I were making a video game. I didn’t make the game, just a lot of assets for it.

With that in mind, my first step was to mentally make the game.

Now I love fairy tales. I was a theater kid in high school and loved learning the real endings to some Disney classics–much to the dismay of my mom saying I ruined the movies for her. So I definitely wanted to include fairy tales. However, there’s a crap ton of them so I limited myself to the Grim Brother’s fairy tales. As you can see from the Wikipedia list here, I had my work cut out for me.

A whiteboard outlining a few stories I knew I wanted to include summarized but also a family tree to try and fit them all in.

And yes, this is roughly the same process for making the murder mysteries too. First an idea, then lots of research, then execution.

The Midterm Check In

So now I have the idea and my professor had a midterm check-in so that we could show that we had started the final project–this was a class with no tests or quizzes, only homework, and a final project–and get some feedback.

This is what I turned in…

For the above piece, you were supposed to battle the witch from Hansel and Gretel. After stepping into her kitchen, a cage would slam down on you and the story would continue.

2 weeks of Fixing with recommendations from my TA…

It was hard. There were a lot of days where I would wake up at like 7 AM and draw until like 10 PM with very few breaks. I was determined to prove that I could do better than the midterm report.

There are also videos:

Forgive the quality, they are from Snapchat.

a video of my rooster with a blushing rooster
Me, hyping myself up
Animation of particles for my magic effect
A rough animation of the main character

So after what I affectionately call my h#ll week, I decided to submit it to one of the TA’s for feedback. I can’t remember exactly what she said so allow me to paraphrase:

“This way more than you need and I love it. Submit xyz things and make sure you have something for TYU concept because I don’t see anything for that concept. I can see you’ve been working really hard on it.”

-My TA

Honestly, it’s the little things people…

Following the Feedback from the TA

So this is what it looked like after I followed the TA’s advice but I still had to make a movie…

Making the movie

This part may not be as exciting but it was quite the feat nonetheless. It was my first time figuring Adobe After Effects and Adobe Media Encoder. Let’s just say it took a bit.

The Final Result:

I know your burning with anticip-

-ation. My apologies for the weird videos, I couldn’t find my original file so I used the one I took on Snap chat instead.

Final Thoughts

I am in no way a classically trained artist, any art I had done before this class was mere doodles in my notebook or Fanart for things. This class had people like me who were computer science majors and art majors who made beautiful art. Thank you, artists, for making this world a little brighter and a bit more colorful. Thank you for reading this really long post, I appreciate it. Comment below what your favorite part was and if you liked it, check out something similar here.

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