Her Story: Rabbit Holes In Video Recordings

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Hello people, who may or may not like word searches, this is for you. Check out my take on Her Story!

What is Her Story about?

Her Story is a cool indie game where you aren’t sure who you play as. Your mission: go through a police database, figure out the truth behind a murder, and discover the story of the lady on the screen. I can’t really say anything else because I don’t want to spoil a minute of it. The game is on steam. It’ll take you a couple of hours to reach a point where you have uncovered enough of the story to get a good sense of what happened.

Who made Her Story?

Sam Barlow, known for “Telling Lies”, “Immortality”, and “Silent Hill: Shattered Memories”.

How is it different from other games?

The player doesn’t actually go anywhere in the entire game. The entire story is incredibly engaging but is told entirely in video format. You use a police database for the entire game and can look through the database using keywords. However, the database only produces the first five results of your search. Based on what you watch, you can find new keywords to unlock more video clips you haven’t seen before. So you can start randomly guessing but there are also videos in the database that aren’t as important. You can get achievements for finding these videos but they don’t really help you find the overarching story.

How did you find this game?

I have to give credit to Mark Brown and the GameMaker’s Toolkit. He has a knack for choosing interesting, engaging games. It was his favorite game of 2015 and I was intrigued about the gameplay. That and the fact the game is made in ~2 rooms and has one actress which is really cool. Here’s the video:

Mark Brown’s take on Her Story

One Small complaint…

The game doesn’t tell you how many total videos there are, how many you have found out of that total, and you don’t use the information you have found. It would have helped me to figure out how much more I needed to discover if I had some tally. These aren’t deal-breakers, Her Story is still very much an enjoyable game that you should totally give a go.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I give Her Story a 9.5/10. It was a great way to spend a few hours. Thank you for reading my take on Her Story. If you enjoyed this, check out my take on What Never Was and Return of the Obra Dinn which are two other indie games! Comment below your favorite indie video game!

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