What is up with the new layout?

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As you may have noticed, the layout looks a *bit* different…

Behind the Scenes

This is where you’ll find my About Me page, Contact Page, announcements, notes of updates, etc.

Cosmic Peeps

This is content for peeps that love the written word. Sometimes, we need a little encouragement to continue to shine as bright as the cosmos. Previously, literary peeps and cosmic peeps were two separate categories, in the latest rendition of the layout, I’ve decided to combine them to provide inspiration. ๐Ÿ˜Š

Poppin Peeps

In this section is content is for my pop culture peeps. I would have said nerdy but 1. not an alliteration so not as cool and 2. nerdy synonyms have unkind connotations.

Binge Peeps

This content is for my binge-watching peeps. This is where you’ll find movies, tv shows, and anime I’ve talked about.

Gamer Peeps

This content is for my peeps who love video games and game development. This is where you’ll find the games I’ve talked about.

Murder Mystery

These categories are the containers for the murder mysteries I’ve made.


This content is for potential employers who wish to see my projects.

Why this layout?

Web developers try to keep an ideal for layouts of a website. In order to get to any one part of a website it is ideal for it to only take 3 clicks. The before layout did a good job of this and the new one does too. However, the goal with this one is for you, as a reader, to receive content *you* enjoy. So if you enjoy reading but don’t necessarily care for gamer content, you can have content catered toward you even if I might not cover that specific content every week.

Anyway, I hope this helps explains some of the terminology and why. As the blogger behind ChickenStarRocket, I constantly work on making this website better for y’all. Hope you have a great rest of your day! Comment below if you like it.

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