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You’re too fat or too thin, too many freckles or moles or beauty marks. If only you looked like the models on Instagram or on TV or fit my standard of beauty. You’re too loud, annoying, and you always say what’s on your mind. If only you calmed down. You have too many problems and you feel too much. If only you could let it roll off your shoulders and not let it bother you. Your style is too flamboyant, too country, too dressy, too casual, too sporty, too weird. If only you’d wear this or that more often. You are too smart, too nerdy, too bookish, too wordy, too mathematical. If only you’d dumb it down or not talk about it at it all.


You didn’t respond in 2 minutes or watched the story today. Nor do you have as many followers as they do. You don’t care or try enough. It’s why you fell short in your career, school, friendships, relationships. Your priorities are not right. If only they were the same as mine. No one will remember you if you don’t do more, BE more. You are so lazy. If only you did more. You aren’t the best friend or the funny friend. If only you were the one everyone fell in love with.      


You were formed intentionally into the person you are now. Your looks, gifts, talents, strengths, passions, and personality are not accidents and are aspects of who you are and who you are meant to be. Trying to be someone you are not is futile as you will ultimately feel dissatisfied in the end. You try your best and give it your all but you can’t do everything. You can’t be everything for everyone. And that’s ok. Asking others for help is ok. You are not a burden or a shadow on the wall. You are enough.

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