Adventures of Will & Kat: Another Town or Two

A mountain with a small forest with a campsite saying: The Adventures of Will and Kat

Dear reader, 

My name is Will. I have been tasked to take care of Princess Kathrine. This has been my sole task since I was a young lad and her a young lass. Today she asked to read my first letter. Out of embarrassment, I said no. There’s no way I can tell her how I feel when I don’t think she feels the same…Right! I am documenting our adventures so that all may know of the good she has done. We heard Atlaskeep, a town on a ridge near the Cherrybrook Forest was having issues with terraforming giants and thus went North of CallaHaven to investigate.

Indeed, the creatures had started to tear apart the town.

Trees uprooted and stacked. Rocks rearranged into a wall-like structure. The land flattened to meet their needs. The river dammed up. They were trying to establish their own town where one already existed without realizing what they were doing. Many of the town’s housing was crushed. 

Luckily, the townspeople had evacuated prior to the giant ‘attack’. Before they could crush the local authority, I stopped one of them in their tracks by making a lot of noise and shooting a few arrows into the air. This caught their attention. We (she) explained we wish to peacefully exist with them but there is already a town here. The giants apologized and even aided the humans in rebuilding the town they were responsible for destroying. It didn’t take very long as they could move a bit quicker on a larger scale than the humans. They promised to be more careful and offered to build alongside the human town. The humans were grateful it was all a misunderstanding. With the thanks of both parties and a toast in our honor, we were merrily on our way. 

The next town we visited was BellFay cursed by a witch.

BellFay was due East of the capital, through the Great Peaks, on the edge of Frosteve Forest. Popular for the local covens because a lot of resources for potions grew here. The curse caused sickness in people of all ages and stages of life. As with many curses, there isn’t much you can do once you have the curse. It had multiple stages that ultimately resulted in death. The first stage was cold-like symptoms like headache and fever. The second stage was nausea and personality alterations. The third stage was discoloration of nails, skin, and eyes. The fourth stage was death as a result of the total loss of humanity both for the victims and the people around them. 

Kathrine and I searched for the witch suspected to cast the curse, offering to make amends in order to lift the curse. In all her intimidating glory, she appears out of nowhere and says she’ll speak to Kathrine but not me, her black dress flaring out in a dramatic fashion. I couldn’t just abandon my lady! Not after she…Kathrine told me it was ok. so I waited patiently for them to be done. They talked for such a long time…When Kathrine came back, she said the witch would lift the curse from the town. The reason for cursing the town was a misunderstanding between the parties involved. She conceded that she overreacted. The townspeople thanked us and the witch gave Kathrine a knowing look. I thought it was weird but I couldn’t wait to be out of the town, the witch gave me the creeps.  

Tonight we had rabbit with herbs for dinner. Our shelter had a nice soft floor made of moss and hay. Something seemed to be bothering Kathrine so she took first watch. Sometimes, it’s better to leave her to her thoughts and let her work things out so I may bring it up if it continues to bother her. As I fell asleep, I watched her expression darken as she gazed into the fire. I hope tomorrow will be better for her. She deserves to be happy. 



(next chapter here. If you want the full ebook, complete with map, click here.)

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