Adventures of Will & Kat: Hart and Coast for a Cure?

A mountain with a small forest with a campsite saying: The Adventures of Will and Kat

Dear reader, 

My name is Will. I have been tasked to take care of Princess Kathrine. This has been my sole task since I was a young lad and her a young lass. And let me tell you, I have utterly failed. I don’t know how, but my lady is incredibly ill. Over the course of this week, she has been feeling weak in both spirit and body and has just gotten worse and worse. Of course, I rushed her to the nearest doctor. Or at least the best nearest doctor, Dr. Julie Hart, owner and primary physician of Hart Care facilities located south of BellFay.

I have to be certain she is getting the quality care she deserves as the princess of this kingdom. The nurses thought I was crazy. I asked if they needed me to donate blood for a blood transfusion. I asked if she needed any organs and said I’d happily give mine. Good times. Then, I waited patiently in the waiting room. That is if you consider patient pacing back and forth in a state of somewhere between panic and concern and anxiety. 

Goodness, reader, you must think I’m a sorry excuse for a knight. Joke’s on you, I’m not a knight. Kathrine is the knight. Er-well, she’s the one classically trained in combat. All I learned, I learned from her. No, I’m more her pawn, her plaything. Wait, those words have negative connotations so let me make it known: I am more than these to her.

Maybe some more good-hart-ed accurate words would be her best friend.

Now, I just sound arrogant which wasn’t my intention either. Words are just not my strong suit today… 

When she came out, Dr. Hart said we needed to make a potion out of dragon saliva, phoenix tears, and mermaid blood. Doc must have had something added to her coffee because those ingredients are stupidly rare. There hasn’t been a dragon attack in a while, there are no mermaids in captivity, and Phoenixes are endangered. Dr. Hart suggested maybe some fresh air by the coast would be good for her. 

So off to the coast we went.

There’s a beautiful fishing village called Freyport SouthEast of Dr. Hart’s office along the coast and we stopped there. It’s normally a quieter, tranquil place but not today. Today there was a hoard of people. I asked one of the locals what was going on and they pointed me in the direction of a vendor. At the vendor’s station are vials of red liquid. The vendor himself is a pirate. He wore clothes designed to protect him from the sun and light enough they would dry quickly if wet. His hair was long with beads tied with a bandanna to protect his scalp. He had no hook hand or peg leg but he did have a myriad of scars.  

Now, piracy is technically illegal but unfortunately, you have to have proof they are a pirate and a pirate on land is unlikely to pirate anything. The pirate’s name was Bailey GreyFox and he claimed to be selling mermaid blood. How convenient, maybe Dr. Hart wasn’t crazy. We (she) asked for proof it was truly mermaid blood. He said to try a sample, everyone knows mermaid blood tastes like sea salt and vinegar. I try it and it indeed tastes like it. Kat pulls me aside and insists we free the mermaid from no doubt horrendous conditions. I concur. We spend the rest of the day not being suspicious. Her hair glowed in the sunlight and her eyes sparkled with the reflection of the water. 

Once night had fallen, we sneakily pursued GreyFox. First, he went to a pub to get absolutely wasted. Then, to a bank to turn in his earnings from the day of trafficking. Finally, he led us to the Desert Oasis. Now, I know little about boats, but it looked like it had a top deck, a mid-deck, and a lower deck.

“If the mermaid is going to be on that boat, she’s probably going to be on the lower deck,” she said. 

She was right, of course.

It was a pain to sneak onboard and search every room but make sure not to be seen or heard or there would be a hoard of pirates on us. I can only imagine what they would have done to Kat and I if we were caught. We–ok, she–are semi-famous after all. 

After freeing her, the mermaid-whose name I can’t pronounce because merpeople dialect is not meant for air breathers-gave us some of her blood as thanks. Mermaids can have natural healing properties if they are in water thus her wound healed rather quickly.

With a flick of her seaweed-colored tail, she was gone from our sight, back to the depths below the surface. We stayed in The Captain’s Arms inn that night with plenty of food and drink to boot. After all, it’s not every day you rescue a mermaid from trafficking and Princess Kathrine comes to visit a Freyport.



(Next chapter here. If you want the full ebook, complete with map, click here.)

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