Adventures of Will & Kat: A New Monarch

A mountain with a small forest with a campsite saying: The Adventures of Will and Kat

Dear reader, 

My name is Will. I have been tasked to take care of Princess Kathrine. This has been my sole task since I was a young lad and her a young lass. I ultimately failed. It’s been a few years since I’ve written, sorry. Some of it was partly because I was in jail for three months, six hours, 20 minutes, and 23 seconds with no pen or paper, but who’s counting? Certainly not me while I waited for news from a monarch. The other part was how busy it got after I was released. 

The monarchs retired, a new monarch was crowned.

Mythical people were recognized as a subcommunity and leaders were appointed by each species so they could feel represented in the government. The leaders and the monarch met to establish treaties to allow for the Mythicals to feel respected in the communities they are residing in. Ultimately, all the Mythicals agreed the monarch was best suited to rule over all of them. The dragon I killed was given a proper funeral by his kind in the Golden Peaks. 

Slavery and trafficking were outlawed. The black market closed but Brightholt is busier than ever. No one missed the black market once the monarch offered rare items to be sold in a market with security twice a month.

Pirates are no longer illegal. The monarch also worked something out with the local pirate population: the monarch will pay any registered pirate ship and crew if they go and explore new lands in a respectful way. The pirates get to explore the seven seas and new worlds to their heart’s content. The kingdom gets to make new friends and interact with new cultures. Often times the pirates will come back with gifts for the monarch whether books for the ever-growing library or food or other things. Sometimes foreign places send diplomats to come to learn about us too.

Our citizens are smarter and making smarter decisions which is amazing.

The monarch recently opened the Discover Science Center and Laboratory to conduct research and cultivate the minds raised in education. Hopes Springs Orphanage and Plesant Valley School have boomed since the abolition of slavery. Logophile Publishing Company opened next to the Great Library and I’m thinking of publishing my letters. The head guard opened the Leonidas Training Center for those who want to join our forces. They offer a wide variety of fitness classes for everyone if you are looking to get in shape too.

 In the mountains, a bunch of shepherds has popped up and now they are famous for their wool and fur. For Cake’s Sake Bakery opened up recently and their cupcakes are to die for. A few conservationists banded together to create a conservatory for some of the rarer Mythicals and to help out any injured creatures found. They call themselves Pyro Sanctuary after Pyro who is still alive and well. She was rescued shortly after I was imprisoned. Bright Horizon Bank has opened recently because business is booming. In summary, the kingdom and its inhabitants are thriving. 

As for me, I have acquired a few new roles. I still get to adventure quite a bit as the companion of the monarch. Also, I was pardoned for all my crimes against the crown which is pretty cool…

Recently, I started dating someone. I wish I had time to talk about her but I need to go. Before I send this off, I can at least tell you her name: Kathrine. 

Until next time, 


(If you want the full ebook, complete with map, click here.)

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