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Hello, people who may or may not like books with comedy and short comics, this is for you. Check out my take on The Odd 1s Out book.


Happy National Writing Month! I thought I’d do something special and do book reviews for this month. So, I’ve been following James Rallison aka The Odd 1s Out for a number of years now on YouTube. I love his way of storytelling and his animation style. The Odd 1s Out produces very wholesome content. James is also from Arizona so I can totally connect with him as someone from Arizona herself. He announced a long time ago he was coming out with a book and then I kind of forgot about it and then I went into ye old Berns and Noodle (not sponsored)…

Needless to say, I now have my own copy of the book.

The book is structured a lot like his YouTube/comic. He tells stories of his life that have a moral and are hilarious at the same time. There are a couple of stories that he told on his YouTube that is in the book but I don’t necessarily feel cheated because he gives details that aren’t in the YouTube video. I think my favorite is Chapter 7: laser tag.

Here’s the video:

Anyway, I thoroughly enjoyed the book, it was a great way to do some light reading after going so long without reading a book that wasn’t–you know–a textbook. I don’t know about you, but textbooks are perhaps one of the dryest pieces of literature out there. This is including Charles Dickens, I recognize he is a classic who was paid by the letter but I tried reading ‘A Tale of Two Cities’ and my goodness…wait…

Back to The Odd 1s Out.

I loved the stories he didn’t already share on YouTube or in his comics. The one thing that confused me is how many siblings James has. In his YouTube videos, he mentions his twin sister, Faith, and his nameless older brother. Yet, from my understanding, he has two more sisters? Not sure. Wikipedia says yes but my ex AP English teacher would be somewhere between angry and appalled if I said it was a credible source and used it as one. So I won’t.

My favorite Chapters:

Chapter 1: Why I’m Bad at Art (and Why Being Bad at Something Shouldn’t Stop You) is a great start to the book. As a comic artist, it’s interesting to read his start as an artist and how it all began. Chapter 3: How to Be Cool (in Seventh Grade) was totally accurate as a seventh-grader. I loved that he didn’t try to be cheesy and told his audience that basically everyone hates seventh grade but you will be ok. I think this is a great message for all those entering or in seventh grade. Chapter 5: Accidentally Dating My Sister (Not Clickbait) is my number 1 favorite. It has a solid message, it’s funny, and it’s something I can totally picture happening.

Final Thoughts:

Overall, I give the book a 10/10. James, I love you and I hope you continue to keep doing what you’re doing. Comment below who your favorite YouTuber is and check out some other similar reviews I’ve done. If you want your own copy, you can find it here at Barnes and Noble, here at Target, or here at his website, or possibly at your local library? (Not sponsored/affiliated). If you want something similar, check this out!

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