The Star Wars Prequel Trilogy: Sorry in Advanced

Hey y’all, happy May the 5th. Today I’m talking about the Star Wars Prequel Trilogy. Originally, I was going to watch all 9 Star Wars movies but they are all ~2.5 hours. So something to look forward to in the future! I don’t know the last time I watched any of these movies. I watched in episode number order. Comments while watching the prequel movies: The Phantom Menance Why is this movie 2hr 16min Iconic theme That’s a lot of scrolling text exposition and I don’t know what any of the terminology means A very young captain and a French Read More

Les Miserables: a dichotomy of grace

Hey y’all, today I’m talking about the iconic musical Les Miserables because this month, for some reason, had content relating to detectives. So why not cover a musical about a detective relentlessly pursuing a criminal on the run? I haven’t covered a musical in a bit so this should be fun. Warning: spoilers ahead and if you choose to watch this for the first time, tear warning because les miserables translates to the miserable.

Data Visualization for a Midterm & Final Project

Hey y’all, today I’m talking about my Data Visualization class I took where I essentially made pretty graphs for school. My midterm project was on personal data and the final project was on Nintendo. What did you make the graphs with? Most of these are made with R Studio but I also used Canva and Photoshop. Midterm Data Visualization: Personal Data What data did you record? The hours of sleep I got per night, number of steps per day, and ounces of water consumed per day. What kind of graphs did you made? Primarily bar graphs because making anything else Read More