How to Time Manage by an Achiever

While you can do your own research and get advice from the likes of Forbes or Purdue Global, I would like to tell you what works well for me, a Clifton Strengths Achiever. Hi, my name is Sunny and I am the blogger for ChickenStarRocket. This post is based on a final project I did for school last semester. When divvying up the vast topics for this final project, I specifically requested to speak on this topic. Why? Because I believe that if you can master this skill, you will succeed much more at college/life in general. So here goes.  Read More

ChickenStarRocket, the Year That Was (2020), & the Year that Will Be (2021)

So 2020 happened. I don’t know about you, but around March my goals for 2020 went out the window. One goal I didn’t mention in last year’s goal set was to get an internship and that…didn’t happen. However, I think like most people, we made the best that we could of 2020, all the while looking forward to whatever 2021 would bring (and hoping it would be good). ChickenStarRocket 2020 successes: 2020 was pretty awesome, all things considered. Heinous to say, I know, but making content for y’all makes me happy and this year saw some new kinds of content Read More