The Notebook: a Sappy Romance Movie?

When I started blogging, I did a review on P.S. I Love You and posted a pic about it on Instagram. To this day on Instagram, it is my most-liked picture. Since The Notebook is a movie similar to P.S. I Love You and I had never seen it before, I thought, “why not?”. So I coerced my dad and my sister to watch it with me and here we are.

Hue: an indie game

If you know me at all, you know my preferences in video games are on the indie side. I don’t mind AAA titles like Mario but something about indie games is so impressive. Maybe it’s the smaller teams or the less is more ideology or the creativity but I love it all. Hue is an indie game that starts in a world of black and grey and becomes vivacious the more you play. Who made Hue? According to Twitter, this game was made by Huenry Hueffman and Dan Da Rocha. You can find them and their works here and here. Read More